On the grid again

August 30th, 2007 § 0

Early during last week o’ storms, our condo building was hit by lightning. In addition to some minor (but costly) building damage, we suffered a surge in our power and/or cable lines that knocked out our cable modem, our wireless router, the network card in our main computer, possibly a printer, and potentially Andrew’s baby, his Slingbox. After much troubleshooting and a few hundred dollars in replacement parts, we got internet back up and stumbling, only to be hit by a day (and night)-long power outage due to another set of storms with high winds.

Much is left to be restored (including our main computer — thanks be for laptops), and including my mood and sanity (a much longer story I’ll leave for a later time). In the meanwhile, we managed to escape for a last-minute family outing to the Garfield Park Conservatory this weekend on a much-welcomed fair-weather day. It was our first visit there, and probably not our last — it was really stunning, with a nice section for kids. At the height of summer blooms on the grounds, it really felt like standing amidst a Monet. Currently a series of large sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle were placed throughout the conservatory and grounds, many of which were “kid climbing around on”-friendly. Alli enjoyed the blooms and the climbing, and brought her little camera, so she and I were both quite photo-occupied — pics from both of us below. It’s cool to see the quality of her work improve so much, even on a pretty junky digital camera. Pics of fingers and feet are a thing of the past.

Some of my pics:

[pictobrowser 61913041@N00 72157601752272600]

and, for the first time, introducing Alli’s pics:
[pictobrowser 61913041@N00 72157601752282550]

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