August 13th, 2007 § 0

Much to write, but still decompressing. Meanwhile, our tootling around the Ohio countryside and reminiscing (along with a few requests over the years by Alli to try fishing) inspired our first trial of a local park’s youth fishing pond on Saturday. It takes a strong-stomached Mommy to attempt this with a vegetarian husband and a child who runs at the first sight of anything slimy or flopping, but Alli claims to have had a blast. Note to self: ‘free equipment’ means the rod and worms, and doesn’t include the pliers required to get a hook out of the deep innards of a small catfish that adult fingers cannot pry out. Fortunately the small catfish survived and was released by virtue of the Mommy running around the park with a slimy, flopping fish in her hands to locate a man with pliers. Sorry, no pics of that portion of the day.

[pictobrowser 61913041@N00 72157601417970204]

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