What if there isn’t a half?

April 15th, 2007 § 0

She can pardon our syntax problems.

Thankfully; she”s not able to correct-our, punctuation?

In her wunderful land of fonetik speleeng we cant mak a mistac.

But, when it comes to semantics, we live in the land of Alli.

No sentence is safe. No possible meaning goes unnoticed. Sometimes, this can be cute. The ‘uh, Mommy’ from the back seat followed by the ‘You said baby chick. Chicks are babies. You don’t need to say BABY’ is usually good for a chuckle.

Some times, however, call for a chuckle followed by the wish to add a knuckle…

Yesterday afternoon I asked Alli to pick up some of the items from the floor of her room and put them away. Usually, we try to make this manageable by asking her to pick 5 or 10 things and put them away.

For variety, this time I asked her to count all the items on the floor and put away half of them. She groans, gives me the patented ‘eye-rollin-daaad-eeee’ and turns to leave. She then looks at me and says:

“What if there isn’t a half?”

I ask her what she means. She proceeds to inform me that if there are, for instance, 3 things on the floor of her room, she will be unable to put away ‘half’ of them because 3 does not have a half when it comes to things on her floor. This is followed by, what feels like a lecture, on all the odd numbers from 1 to 29 representing numbers of things on her floor that she would be unable to put away ‘half’ of.

I sent Alli back to her room to put away some of her floor mess.

Precisely 10 things.

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