Great Gran

August 1st, 2007 § 2

Great Gran

Adaline Barger Hartman
“Great” Gran
November 1, 1912 – August 1, 2007

My grandmother was the quintessential matriarch of the Hartman family, through ups and downs (and there were many of both). It is from her above all that I know the meaning of family. She was a pioneer in many ways, and her spirit rang more loudly and resonated more deeply on this earth than most. She was smart and witty, and the most educated, elegant “country folk” I have ever known. She told it like it was, all the time, every time, and she lived her life with a faith and strength of will that I can only aspire to. As a grandmother she was firm but loving. She accepted Andrew as one of her own when he joined the family, and was always up for the challenge of exchanging witty banter with him. She was also a truly doting great grandmother to Alli, who I hope will one day realize how lucky she was to have a few years with her “Great” Gran.

I feel relief that she is at peace and did not suffer too greatly, but am very sad and will miss her deeply. It has been a hard year of loss for us.

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  • Joline, George, Harper & Zane says:

    We were all so sorry to read your news. Great Gran sounded like an amazing lady. You family has had enough grief this year. We pray that your memories of Great Gran will fill you with much happiness!

  • Marie says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Julie. I’m glad you wrote a bit about her. It always feels a little like the family loosens its ties when the matriarchs die. And one day we’ll be the matriarch, which can’t possibly be right. Again, I’m sorry.

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