The holy grail

July 24th, 2007 § 1

Alli recently earned money assisting me with a big project. It allowed her to have enough funds to purchase an item she has coveted for months, since spotting it at Target and being told “no” about 6,000 times.

When it arrived in the mail, I thought she was going to pee in her pants before I had a chance to open it.

I introduce you to the elusive “Rescue Pet Wake Me Up Spaniel”:

Rescue Pet

This adorable puppy is so thankful that you’ve adopted him; he wants to do something for you in return. Just set the clock in his collar and when the time comes, he’ll bark until you wake up. Need just a few more minutes of sleep? Pat your puppy’s little head to activate the snooze feature.

* Includes one Rescue Pet Spaniel with a built-in alarm clock
* Puppy comes with one adoption certificate
* Program him to wake you up with lifelike puppy sounds
* When you set the alarm, he lays down to sleep until it’s time to wake you
* When it’s time to wake you, he sits up and barks
* Pat his head to activate the snooze features
* Alarm has three modes: soft bark, excited bark and loud bark

Lovely, eh?

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