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July 21st, 2007 § 1

Today was the last day of arts/dance camp for Alli — she wrote a letter to her instructor professing it to be “the best camp ever”. Given her constant dancing in the house for the last 2 weeks and her continued countdowns to the next morning of camp, we certainly weren’t surprised. The culminating performance was this morning, and was put together completely by the kids — writing, music, choreography, costumes, etc.. What they put together was impressive (simply getting a gaggle of 6-7-year-old girls to agree on anything is impressive!) and entertaining, and it was a delight to watch Alli’s obvious joy.

Video follows for those up for the challenge (not for the faint of heart — it was 20 minutes long; I harriedly (and badly) edited the video recording down to 10 minutes). Also, I failed to recognize the backlight setting was on until the very end of the performance, resulting in massive overexposure and an extremely poor quality video that I wasn’t able to fix as much as I’d hoped — in my defense I hadn’t dug out our somewhat archaic videocamera for nearly 2 years).

If you aren’t able to make her out, Alli (in “mermaid” character) is wearing a turquoise sash across her black leotard, a purple ‘grass skirt’ and is more often than not on the left side of the screen. She can also be identified by the mega wedgi-fied leotard buttcheeks. Enjoy:


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  • Marie says:

    “That party’s rocking! I want to go!”

    So am I to understand that the moon lives in the sky because that’s where the rooftop party is?

    That was a truly impressive production. It’s great to see what kids can do, what anyone can do, when they love something.

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