Can you believe I wrote that much?

June 22nd, 2007 § 0

Today is the last day of Safety Town. In addition to a lead teacher, this program is staffed by teen volunteers who function as counselors for groups of 2-3 campers. Alli’s counselor is a blonde teen named Katie. Alli prefers to call her “Kathryn” because it makes her sound like the princess that Alli worships her as.

For her last day, Alli made Katie a card.

On the cover, she drew a picture of herself and Katie:

Then she wrote a dissertation:

Inventive spelling translation: I will miss you so much when camp is over. I am glad I chose you for my counselor, because you’re so so nice and I know you tried your best you can do. And I will miss you. Maybe we can plan something with each other later in the summer, right? Like I can come over or you can come over, or we can meet each other somewhere. And I am serious! So we really can, can’t we? I mean it would be fun. Love you, bye!

And she ended with:

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