Bird Rescue

October 20th, 2009 § 0

An update is coming, when I extract it from my head. In the meanwhile, a guest post from Alli’s blog:


Hello viewers! Sorry that I have been away for a while! As you can see in the title and picture, I, my mom and one of my homeschool friends rescued a bird! I think that you want to know the story, so here it goes. This is how it happened. Friday, October 16, 2009, I and my friend Noelle (the homeschool friend) came running out of the Skokie library, and then I noticed a little bird in the middle of the road. I had noticed that it was shivering and seemed as if it was sick. It couldn’t move. When my mom came out, Noelle and I were talking all about the bird. So my mom went into the library once again to go find the janitor. Then right when my mom got inside I noticed a car coming right in front of the bird, so then I jumped into the street and right beside the bird. The car moved around me so he didn’t hurt me. Then my mom came back out with the janitor and asked him for a towel. Noelle told my mom about what I had done for the poor bird. I don’t think my mom liked that I jumped in the road.

Soon the janitor came back with a towel and mommy then asked for a box, and the janitor went to get a box. My mom picked the bird up and out of the street and put it onto the bench. My mom was calling people like crazy to see if any took in birds! Finally the janitor came out with a box that had holes in it. We put the bird in the box and my mom had canceled a thing at 12:00 so that we could care for the bird. Then about 1 hour later, the bird choked up a berry. It took a while, but then it started to fly! Thanks, that is my blog entry for today! Thanks for reading the story! Bye.


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