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September 8th, 2009 § 0

Nothing earth-shattering to report today. Knowing that I tend to struggle with re-entering “life as usual” after regular weekends, let alone extended time off, I harbored a little anxiety about jumping back in to week 2 of home schooling after a 3-day weekend. Especially one where Andrew was still pretty heavily tied to work (although he was physically at home) – I was feeling more than a little burned out on all things parenting.

Am pleased to report that despite my post-weekend sluggishness, we have managed to jump back in. Looking forward to science class at a local nature center, which kicks in next Tuesday, and Critter Crew, which won’t get underway for another few weeks. For lack of a more thoughtful or humorous entry, I’ll instead share exactly what we’ve done, post-breakfast:

  • We checked in on our new “pet” caterpillar (cabbage looper), cleaned its container of voluminous frass (new vocab word – caterpillar poop!) and gave it fresh herb (and one not-so-fresh kale) leaves
  • Alli data entered and published a blog entry that she’d hand-written and edited on Friday (she has now learned how to search the web for images and get them into her blog)
  • We completed the equivalent of almost 3 math lessons (still mostly all concepts Alli has seen before, but many of the Everyday Math approaches are new to Alli)
  • We learned and played another new math game that Alli now loves (“Name that Number” – we modified it to include basic multiplication and division and challenged ourselves to use as many cards as possible in each number sentence)
  • We made and ate lunch
  • Alli had about 45 minutes of computer time (when I handled some work-related issues and a short conference call), during which she attempted to find out how to identify caterpillar gender (no success on this yet), did a few sessions in Type to Learn, and about 25 minutes of Spanish.
  • We read independently for about 45 minutes (Alli mainly elected to revisit an old favorite – The Number Devil, reading the “funny parts” to me aloud).
  • We watched a C-Span video of Obama’s back to school message, talked about parts we found interesting (she, of course, loved the Harry Potter reference and expressed thanks for not home schooling at 4:45 in the morning). We also lightly discussed the controversy that precluded the speech.
  • Alli’s presently pursuing her latest craft idea, making her own “ugly doll-styled” stuffed animals from felt. She’s presently working on an owlish creature, and is testing a new sewing method I proposed before deciding on how she is going to make a bunch of them for a little craft fair/sale that is planned for early December. I’m hoping we can get outside shortly and take in a little of this glorious fall-ish day before heading off to Alli’s modern dance class.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the Museum of Science and Industry and to the Harry Potter Exhibit!

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