Hump Day

September 3rd, 2009 § 2

Alli seems very content so far with how things are going, but it’s hard not to notice that she still refers to things that she used to do at school in the present tense (as in, “we do something like that in Mr. so-and-so’s class!”). Although I feel that things are going well for us at this early juncture, it’s hard for me not to feel some sense of loss and sadness about the things that she enjoyed about school, and the friends that I imagine she misses seeing every day. I have worked hard to let go of my anger and disappointment in a school that broke my heart, and at a public school system that I don’t think would do a whole lot better, but there are still moments where it trickles out and I feel sad for us, for her, and for all of the children who are not getting their sparks nurtured so that they grow up to become thoughtful, fulfilled adults.

Those feelings aside, yesterday was a good day. Wednesdays will normally be our ‘project’/’field trip’ days, but as Alli is still a bit under the weather and we’re still getting a rhythm going, we took it easy. We did some writing (Alli published a blog entry that she’d edited the previous day), watched a fabulous animated version of If the World Were a Village that led to some great thinking and discussion – mathematical and social — and also led towards us choosing a new recipient for some Kiva funds that had been paid back to us and were ready for re-lending. Spent a few hours in the afternoon at the library, where Alli got sucked in by a Guinness World Records book and did a little more reading in The Journey while I found some more great books to bring home (including the kids’ version of Three Cups of Tea, which I’m in the middle of presently – so cool to be working with both! And there’s a young reader’s edition too that we’ll have to explore next!). Then a short playdate to meet a new friend that we’ll be transporting to choir, followed by a short grocery trip (Alli is now going to be tracking the price of milk across stores and across the next few months as part of the little money/economics study we’re pursuing). The two giant wall maps I ordered from a sale at Rand McNally arrived – now I have to figure out which wall in our home gets sacrificed for the cause. We ended the day reading One Hen before bedtime, a wonderful tie-in to having re-lent some micro-loan funds earlier in the day.

It occurs to me that I’m learning as much as I’m teaching on this journey…

§ 2 Responses to “Hump Day”

  • Joline says:

    really loving reading your updates.

    think about getting the world maps mounted on pressboard – that way she can use small push pins and the like if you are doing any sort of “tracking”.

    keep posting your progress!

  • Julie says:

    thanks, Joline. yeah, i am thinking about mounting them – although that may be more cost than I’m looking for – have to check into it. I was also going to look into various forms of post-its for marking as an alternative to pushpins – dry erase pens might actually work since the maps have some lamination on them… you know, gotta save money to try to afford the maid we’re clearly going to need! 🙂

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