July 13th, 2009 § 0

Alli has developed a tremendous interest in all things financial. She enjoys coming with on errands, and inspects and keeps every receipt I’m willing to part with. She is even starting to monitor our grocery spending (note to self: put Alli in charge of coupons). She pays attention to prices, and we’ve had many conversations that feel beyond her years about taxes and government spending.

During one of our last visits to PetSmart to pick up cat food and litter, she discovered joyfully that hamsters and rats were both well under the cajillion dollars she had imagined, and thought for a brief moment that she might be able to evade my ban on rodent pets by using her allowance savings to purchase one. This brought on a conversation about all of the other costs that she wasn’t tallying, including the ultimate price that would be paid by said poor creature when OUR NUTJOB CAT that has zero restraint DECIDES TO EAT THE THING.

I had forgotten to warn the Daddy about letting Alli linger long enough at a pet store to inspect prices, so she uncovered more revelations during their visit yesterday. She spent much of the day today waxing about why there was such a huge price range in birds (“Mommy, one was like $14.99 and one was like SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!”).

But mostly she CAN’T STOP TALKING about finding a 15 cent (feeder) fish. While I initially thought she considered this the ultimate bargain, it turns out she found it quite disturbing.

“How is this POSSIBLE, Mommy? FIFTEEN CENTS!!!! FOR A LIVING CREATURE!!!! Shouldn’t a life be worth more than that?”

From the mouth of a babe. I have no counter-argument to offer.

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