Vacation, Day 2

July 20th, 2008 § 0

We left Evanston Friday afternoon, and have traveled through Wisconsin, Minnesota and most of South Dakota.  Staying one more day in South Dakota, then on to the Rockies in Colorado.  It’s been a nice trip — lots of driving but punctuated by some great, kitschy/funky stopovers and mainly good weather excluding one of the worst rainpours we’ve ever attempted to keep driving through.  Last night we went to a rodeo (my first ever), and Andrew and I were both struck by how different and also maybe how (over-?) complicated our lives feel relative to folks in a small town in South Dakota.  Toured the badlands today, which were really stunning.  Alli’s done great in the car thus far, is immersed in collecting “states” from license plates, and seems to be having a blast.

Uploaded the first round of pics:

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