Would be a nice spot for a lemonade stand…

July 11th, 2008 § 0

Extreme Home Makeover (a la Ty Pennington) is currently doing the house literally right across the street from my sister’s (so much so that one of the cameras is mounted on her house’s roof).  Apparently it’s quite the production, with the neighborhood practically becoming a gated community/film set for the next week. My sister and her husband got to witness the big kickoff, and just left for an extended weekend anniversary trip to Atlanta, but will be back in time for the big reveal next week. If you’ve ever doubted that this stuff actually gets done in a week, I guess we’ll know for sure!

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All of the neighbors were solicited well in advance by the production team, and had to sign a variety of permissions (and I think are reimbursed for a variety of things, including any damages to their property). I assume this pre-production also included zoning and construction planning and approvals. Apparently there were 3 “contenders” in the Cincinnati area that were all scouted out this way in advance, and ultimately only one is chosen — imagine it would be heartbreaking to be one of the other two.

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