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June 26th, 2008 § 0

Now that the end of June is upon us, I have no choice but to embrace that summer is in full swing.  My lack of posting is just one of many byproducts of my attempts to juggle a whole new routine, but since Alli has already professed to me that this is “the best summer ever“, I’m trying to take comfort in that and let some of the stress from so much undone fall off my shoulders a bit.  Emphasis on the trying.  It’s been a bit more of a challenge than I expected adjusting my part-time work to fit into a day without child-is-at-school time, but so far I’m managing.  I’m doing so while also trying very hard to live up to a self-imposed commitment to be as active as I can with Alli, for both of our good.  I’m hoping that I can add in a bit more attention to the job search for a teaching position for next year — that’s one of the balls that I haven’t quite caught yet.  More on that later after some meditative breaths… 🙂

A few photos (and video) from the to-date “best summer ever”:

Lounging on the beach:


“Playing toss” in the park with Harper:

Harper glove

Umm, taking the pretending to be a cat thing a little too far?

Cat carrier

Playing tennis:


Playing softball:


Playing skeeball:
(homey got several in the 10,000 point bin and only 5 or 6 that went across the room…)


Hanging out with Simone:

Simone and Daisy

… a little piano recital at the Custer Street Fair:
(my favorite moment is restarting due to a fly on the nose)

… and running the Youth Mile in the Race Against Hate:

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