It’s raining again…

May 30th, 2008 § 0

Literally and figuratively.

So it seems that Ziggy’s regimen of high-nutrient prescription cat food and daily dose of subcutaneous fluids have slowed his kidney and organ failure and extended his time with us a bit more than we’d expected.  He’s still hanging in there.  Just when we’ve gotten used to that whole routine, it seems that Maxwell, kitty #2, has begun to show signs of age, and we’re looking at treatment for hyperthyroidism and possible diabetes that will likely result in a daily medication ritual for the rest of his life and potential surgery.  I have only gently shared with Alli that he’s a little bit sick and we will probably have to give him some medicine, and she was nearly devastated.  Maxwell is her beloved, her touchstone, and the thought of any danger to him or the facing of his aging process is more than she can bear.  Add her pain to the mix, and the whole thing is a bit more than I feel like bearing too.

And, not that we could bear to elect anything other than to care for them, the costs of pet ownership continue to rack up to astronomical levels.   The concept of pet health insurance is starting to look a lot less radical.

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