May 19th, 2008 § 0

We’ve begun planning an actual, more than a weekend, non-visiting-family-somewhere vacation, something we haven’t officially done since the big Germany trip with Alli in utero. Oma is once again accompanying us, only I think her duties of entertaining a 7-year-old in the backseat of a cross-country drive will actually be more stressful than those of listening to a pregnant mommy with mega sacroiliac pain whine on an intercontinental flight…

The big plan is for a 10-day, slightly insane but hopefully fun “out west” road trip that will take us through the Badlands of South Dakota and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Yes, South Dakota Badlands in the end of July with at least 2 severely heat-intolerant travelers (me and Alli), sounds like a good idea, eh? Um, yeah, that’s why there will be more days spent in the cooler altitude of the Rockies.

We’ve begun reading books and recording nature programs that can get us all a little more educated about what we may see or try to see. Alli’s class studied a bit about the US this year (although some of her knowledge comes from various tall tales, so it’s interesting to watch her sift through fact vs. fiction), but she’s got a real interest, and it was neat to see her identify the presidents on Mt. Rushmore.

We happened to be watching a show about the Badlands that also showed the in-progress work on the Crazy Horse carving. Alli immediately asked about Crazy Horse, and we responded by basically telling her that he was a famous Native American leader (then making a mental note to do some additional research so that we could answer that more literately). Alli thought about it for a bit, then asked straight-faced, “Wow, he must have been really crazy as a little baby”.

To be named that at birth, of course.

This trip is going to ROCK.

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