May 16th, 2008 § 0

Oops — life has clearly been getting in the way of blogging.


Haven’t had a chance to report the good news, wherein the orthopedic doctor reported that Alli’s break was not a major one and that she would only likely need to wear a cast for 3 weeks.  I thought Alli was going to give the guy an actual kiss, she was so ecstatic.  While sitting out of some activities has been hard and brought a few tears, I think she’s been not so secretly enjoying her special status, being allowed to use the computer to write at school, and having to hunt down space to fit more signatures on the cast.  Andrew and I are both more than a little surprised at the lack of whining and frustration with an itchy or claustrophobically unaccessible arm.  My only lingering parental trepidation is how freaked out she’s going to be with whatever cutting machine or device they have to use to get the cast off.  Fifty bucks says that generates a bigger reaction than the actual broken wrist.


At any rate, here we are nearing the endpoint (visit anticipated to produce cast removal is this coming Wednesday), and it seems like only days have passed.  Alli is running around like some form of crazed superhero, making us tread new ground as we do a complete 180 from our traditional role in encouraging her to embrace risk.  This parenting thing, it sure requires one to be nimble.

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better first broken bone experience.


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