My Trip, by Alli B

February 27th, 2008 § 0

Todays Date 2/26/o8 febarary.


Last week I whent to this fun water park! And there was a green water
slide and a yello water slide and a blue water slide and a red water
slide. And I tride theme all! There was only one I did not like. The
red one. At first I was like ohno I am never trying that itey bitey
slide. But then my mom sed that it would give me more time if I did
try it. So I did.

Chapter two. So then after that I did the slides
over and over agen. My faverite slides where green and yello. The
green one was very vary long and also on the yello and the green slide
when you finealy come down from the slide you go splash! Rite in the


Chapter three. When it was time to go back and change it was
pritty close to diner. And we whent to diner. And we came home ordeerd
breckfast and whent to bed.

Chapter four. The next morning we ate the
orderd breckfast and then startid to pack. And then that same day we
whent to a frends house that was three owers away!

Chapter Five. That same day I slept in my noo sleeping bag! It was cold where
I had to sleep. But my sleeping bag was worm.

Chapter six. The day after that we whent back home. I was ixidid about seeing the cats
Maxwell Ziggy and Roo. And we where finealy back home. Max!!! I love
max. And the next day was school and docter amy. And I and I am so
glad to be back.

Writin by Allison

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