Proud to be an American?

February 6th, 2008 § 0

Instant message conversation with a co-worker today….. 

me me me: Vote?
Notme: No I want to but don’t know how
me me me: Are you registered?
Notme: I don’t think so
Notme: Can you do off the internet
me me me: Freak
me me me: No
Notme: That’s why people don’t vote
Notme: Not easy
Notme: Besides obama gonna win
me me me: It took me 10 minutes
me me me: Have you ever voted?
Notme: Nope
Notme: Where can I do it
Notme: Library?
me me me: You gots to be registered
Notme: I’m not so what can I do
Notme: Can I register for the main one?
me me me: And you have polling places near your house for your voting convenience
me me me: Yes you can register for general election
Notme: How
me me me: Dial. 1-800-RegisterMe
Notme: Until yesterday I didn’t know that today was super tues
Notme: U serious?
me me me: Yes
Notme: Its a govt setup
Notme: That don’t want more people to vote
me me me: They probably don’t do it during those horrible reality shows you watch
Notme: Why not. That’s what most people watch now
Notme: I watched paradise hotel 2
Notme: Yesterday
Notme: Actually I was also watching larry king live too and they didn’t have any commercials on how to vote
me me me: I’m gonna need to see your high school and college diplomas
Notme: Ha
Notme: I got some conterfeits

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