On a lighter note…

January 27th, 2008 § 0

We’ve been known to buy ourselves time with the munchkin when out and about doing non-munchkin-thrilling things by letting her type stories into our cellphones.  I believe this one helped to buy the Daddy some valuable extra browsing time in various Vegan stores…

the girl that wanted a cat.

Onec apan a time long long ago thare was a little girl that rilly rilly rilly wanted a cat. And she would trade enething for it. And so one day she finaly askd her mom. And dad…but thay sad it just is soch a hard rasponsobillty to have one. But…NO CAT! Sad her mother and father. Pleas? NNNNNOOOOOO! Yelld her mother. I promus to take varry varry varry good care of it? No. Evan at the shellter thay cost like 900 dolers for both cats and dogs and lots of other kinds of anamles. Like what? She askd. Well… It dosent rilly mater. Now no more qeshtons obout it. Got it? Yes. She side. I got it. The next day she askt agen. Cat? Her mom and dad lookd at echather. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Thay yelld. No cat I tould you. Fine! She sed. Her mother sed fine! I gus it is your birthday. Her ears perkt up! What?! Tomarrow morning we will go to the shellter and look in the cat sekshon. Yay!!!! So the next day thay went to the stor and she pikd out the perfect cat ever! And thay all lived hapally ever after. The end.

Btw, we’ll be having a conversation tomorrow morning in which I clarify there will be no additional pets acquired as part of the upcoming birthday festivities.

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