More Tooth Fairy Correspondence

April 17th, 2007 § 0

Found the following in a note tucked under Alli’s pillow (typed exactly as written, including punctuation!):

deer tofary,

notes are beter then mony but I love mony to but most of
all love you naw your name is city cas your name was tofary. I love
you! by by city. oh! wat! I jest fargat my frens tofary’z name is cathrin short for
city! naw it es by by for reel.

love Alli

Translation for the inventive-spelling-impaired:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Notes are better than money, but I love money too. But most of all, I love you. Now your name is “Kitty”, because your name was Tooth Fairy. I love you! Bye bye, Kitty. Oh, wait! I just forgot my friend’s Tooth Fairy’s name is Catherine, short for Kitty! Now it is bye bye for real.

Love, Alli

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