It begins with a sniffle…

September 1st, 2009 § 0

So, a bit of a slow start yesterday, as Alli came down with a full-on head cold and was pretty sacked out by head congestion and a constant battle with snot. She looked pretty darn pathetic for most of the morning – I was imagining how awful her first day of school would have been had I sent her (our local public schools started today). First cold for awhile for her, not sure where it came from – but made a mental note to myself to call the doc to arrange for the flu mist for her in the next month or so.

She made it to basketball class, though – a testament to how much she’s enjoying it. I wasn’t sure that she’d make it thru – and braced myself for a meltdown. Coach J noticed she was under the weather and offered her the choice to rest/sit out whenever she needed. This was such a great strategy for her; she sat out for a few moments, but very few – felt so secure about just having the choice. I reflected on the things that bothered me about the gym teacher she’s had at school (he was the ‘buck it up’ variety) – he would never have done such a simple, supportive thing.

No Spanish yesterday – hard for her to talk with a sore throat (part of it is speech-based), and I didn’t see a need to push it. She did do some handwriting, editing and response journaling. I read Harry Potter aloud for a little over an hour (we’re finally just about finished with the first book – lots of discussion breaks), then we ran some errands and had some great conversation and teachable moments along the way. One of the pieces I gave her to edit was something about space exploration that referenced a spacecraft from Earth that was due to be near Pluto by 2016. Her initial response was “why would we care about Pluto anymore if it’s not even a planet?” This led to a long discussion about what we could still learn, and an even longer discussion about the Pluto planetary debate. All while purchasing pet food and picking up a package from the post office.

Not a bad start, all things considered.

This morning, she woke up with more of a bounce, and by 9:00 has already completed a few problem-solving projects I gave her (from a cool e-book). One task was to choose the best geometric shape for designing a rabbit hutch, draw it out on paper and then construct it with cardboard, explain why it was a good choice for a rabbit hutch, then explain other things that shape is commonly used for. Alli’s cubical version is both constructed and already well-populated with bunny puffballs – she’s now wrestling with 12 popsicle sticks to see how many ways she can create 4 equally-sized animal pens with at least 1 connected fence. This one is frustrating her a little – which means it’s a good challenge, but one that I need to go provide some guidance for. On to day 2!

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