Off we go!

August 30th, 2009 § 0

It’s not lost on me that most of Alli’s peers are heading back to school this week. It’s a weird feeling, not having done the obligatory school supply list shopping, inventorying clothing and such. There is a small sense of being left behind a community which we used to be a part of, all of whom are heading down a familiar path. At the moment, though, the predominant sensation is one of relief. That we aren’t being thrust into a new schedule not of our own making, that we won’t have the daily morning “how to get the kid dressed and fed and out the door in far less time than she is really capable of without pressure and resulting meltdowns” routine, that we won’t be replacing dozens of reusable containers that never make it home in the lunchbox, …

And so it begins, but without the bang. We’re going to be easing into things a bit more this week. Alli’s “inbox” is already well-stocked with a variety of things for her to choose from for her early morning work, including some editing and handwriting practice, some higher-level thinking challenges, some math problems involving place value and inequalities, her regular journal and a response journal we exchange with each other. She’s already begun working with Rosetta Stone Spanish, and we should be jumping into math more heavily, both together and with the games/problem-solving group that I’m running that is set to start on Friday. So far we have 6-8 kids lined up for that. I’m hoping we can hit the Harry Potter exhibit at the science & industry museum either this week or next – now that the crowds should be lighter, and I think we’re going to set some field trips up too relating to money. I need to start combing thru some of the science and history books I have checked out from the library to come up with some good places to start – and see what seems to spark Alli’s interest.

I’m curious to see how the plan of having her do some work independently first thing in the morning goes. She is a reasonably early riser who likes to take on projects when she gets up (although not so into the promptly getting dressed and brushing hair and teeth part, which she can hopefully do at a little more leisurely pace now). I am very much not the early riser, and it takes me a bit to get going in the mornings, so I’m hoping that the structure we laid out of independent work first will function for us both.

More to come as we make our way…

Lofty goals…

August 26th, 2009 § 1

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how to approach this year of homeschooling, from style, curriculum and schedule standpoints. As the parent and teacher here, I’m faced with unlimited possibilities – a wonderfully freeing and yet slightly overwhelming thing. Going in, I knew there were a number of things I wanted to address, including giving Alli as much freedom and responsibility as I feel she is able to handle. » Read the rest of this entry «

A New Adventure…

August 18th, 2009 § 0

So much of our family’s life for the past 5 or 6 years has been intermingled with the world of education – and it’s as difficult for me to figure out where to begin this post as it is for me to isolate where the journey that we’re on with regards to education really began. The short version has to do with my life-long love of both learning and teaching, and having decided to do a complete 180 of my career path to embrace that love, intermingled with our daughter having come of school age a few years back… and having reached several personal points of frustration with the current state of education along those two paths (mine and hers).

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