Piece of work

January 11th, 2008 § 2

Our kid, that is.  I was on the right track, locking away the stamps.

Today the following envelope arrived in our mailbox:


Cute, you’re thinking, right?  Yeah, until Andrew and I both realize that neither of us helped her address, stamp, or mail it.  We ask if she did it at school.  “No”, came the sheepish reply.  Questions about where the stamp came from and how she mailed it yielded the party line: “I can’t remember.  I’m pretty sure it was a long time ago.”

So at some point in time, our child addressed herself an envelope, ripped off a stamp, and managed to sneak the whole deal into the outgoing mail.  Impressive as it is frightening.  I feel as if I’m beginning to paint the picture that we abandon our child for hours at a time in order for some of her shenanigans to happen.  Truly, she’s just that good.

At any rate, the high-value work product enclosed is truly priceless:


Hats off…

January 10th, 2008 § 0

If you’re a parent, consult this post regularly for a well-earned chuckle on those days where you feel your parenting license should be revoked.

Note to Self

January 9th, 2008 § 1

Carefully inspect all products and remove order forms before allowing Alli access to holiday gifts.

P.S. Lock away all postage stamps.

And the checkbook.

Tshirt order

New year, new design?

January 9th, 2008 § 3

I’m toying with some new site designs.  Isn’t ‘Mint Chocolate’ tasty?  Needs some tweaks and some personalization, but I’m going to try it on for size for a bit.  Maybe one of these days I’ll start posting more content too… 🙂

Stay 6.

January 8th, 2008 § 0

Daddy’s infamous “lunch notes” have absorbed Alli’s perpetual requests for “homework” (something I’ll be sure to remind her of some day in the future) and mutated into a daily silly worksheet to humor her at lunch.I usually find one or two things to be touched or humored by in the results.  Today’s, in the wake of the oncoming 7th birthday, was the “Stay 6”:


(Click on image to view larger) 

Sad Anniversary

January 7th, 2008 § 0


One year ago today…

We miss you. 

Alli’s Take on Evolution

January 3rd, 2008 § 0

Over this winter break, we have been subjected to regaled with all kinds of “shows” put on our precious child.  Last night during a Lowes excursion during which she delighted in finding all kinds of great “treasures” that “only cost cents” (aka individual screws, bolts, etc.), she began planning a “show to learn all about screws”.   After about 50 versions of various shows all about animals, we’re looking forward to the subject change.

Not to say that we haven’t learned much from the animal shows.  For instance, yesterday, I learned all about a particular breed of wolf who has no predators (thanks, Uncle Jory and Aunt Cathy, for the subscription to National Geographic Kids, which has expanded our world of new facts).  The best show commentaries, however, come from the funny little machine that is Alli’s mind:

“Yes, and the difference between monkeys and apes is that monkeys have tails that they use for balance.  Plus, apes are half-extinct because so many of them turned into people.”

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