Oh. My. God.

July 29th, 2007 § 6

Have you ever had a glimpse into something that you just could not have imagined being in the fabric of your child?

Parenting my beloved child has been a special challenge for the last few weeks. She has done some outlandish things, been more defiant than her already usually defiant state, and I’ve been past wit’s end. Tonight I discovered that she wrote the following e-mail to her friend Harper (thankfully filtered through her mom’s email address):

Deer Harper,

Plees send Me an-volohp weth Monie in it atleast 40 doler’s in it. but waht-ever you do Don,t tell my mom or dad or-els wen you come bak to my hous or wen i come to your hous i well take your stoft anamol dog away, and plees mak the onvolohp say to alli from Harper. and dont wery you well be varry varry varry…!… glad you spendid all that monie. oh and one mor thing… pleas mak shor you send the allavolohp befor chating me bak


I’m certain that one day I will find this outlandishly humorous.

Right now, I just feel sick to my stomach.

The holy grail

July 24th, 2007 § 1

Alli recently earned money assisting me with a big project. It allowed her to have enough funds to purchase an item she has coveted for months, since spotting it at Target and being told “no” about 6,000 times.

When it arrived in the mail, I thought she was going to pee in her pants before I had a chance to open it.

I introduce you to the elusive “Rescue Pet Wake Me Up Spaniel”:

Rescue Pet

This adorable puppy is so thankful that you’ve adopted him; he wants to do something for you in return. Just set the clock in his collar and when the time comes, he’ll bark until you wake up. Need just a few more minutes of sleep? Pat your puppy’s little head to activate the snooze feature.

* Includes one Rescue Pet Spaniel with a built-in alarm clock
* Puppy comes with one adoption certificate
* Program him to wake you up with lifelike puppy sounds
* When you set the alarm, he lays down to sleep until it’s time to wake you
* When it’s time to wake you, he sits up and barks
* Pat his head to activate the snooze features
* Alarm has three modes: soft bark, excited bark and loud bark

Lovely, eh?


July 22nd, 2007 § 0

Took advantage of the beautiful weather to hit the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival, supporting our neighbors’ Klezmer band (their young daughter, much admired by Alli, peforms with them). We also sacrificed our sanity for the 1-hour face-painting line.

[pictobrowser 61913041@N00 72157600951749206]

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Thanks to Kumara for helping me solve my slideshow issues and for writing a plugin for the much preferred pictobrowser.

First annual sunrise observation with Daddy

July 22nd, 2007 § 2

Daddy fulfilled a promise this morning as he and Alli left the house a little after 4:30 am to head to the beach.


Alli’s commentary upon their return: “It was cool, Mommy. First it was totally dark. It took like 10 minutes, or an hour and a half or something.”

Camp production

July 21st, 2007 § 1

Today was the last day of arts/dance camp for Alli — she wrote a letter to her instructor professing it to be “the best camp ever”. Given her constant dancing in the house for the last 2 weeks and her continued countdowns to the next morning of camp, we certainly weren’t surprised. The culminating performance was this morning, and was put together completely by the kids — writing, music, choreography, costumes, etc.. What they put together was impressive (simply getting a gaggle of 6-7-year-old girls to agree on anything is impressive!) and entertaining, and it was a delight to watch Alli’s obvious joy.

Video follows for those up for the challenge (not for the faint of heart — it was 20 minutes long; I harriedly (and badly) edited the video recording down to 10 minutes). Also, I failed to recognize the backlight setting was on until the very end of the performance, resulting in massive overexposure and an extremely poor quality video that I wasn’t able to fix as much as I’d hoped — in my defense I hadn’t dug out our somewhat archaic videocamera for nearly 2 years).

If you aren’t able to make her out, Alli (in “mermaid” character) is wearing a turquoise sash across her black leotard, a purple ‘grass skirt’ and is more often than not on the left side of the screen. She can also be identified by the mega wedgi-fied leotard buttcheeks. Enjoy:


A techie I am not, but…

July 19th, 2007 § 2

Well, I’ve wasted more hours than I care to admit (with plenty of much more important things to do with that time) trying to figure all the technical pieces out, but I have managed mainly on my own (translation: with only one or two whines to Andrew) to successfully migrate from Blogger to WordPress. This is no easy accomplishment for someone barely literate in html, css, php and SQL databases on the webhost. I was getting sick of the limitations of using Blogger FTP.

Some of you might have enjoyed seeing some of the site iterations published along the way… Anyhow, I think it’s all relatively stable now, and I’ll have to work out any kinks as we go forward. And maybe one day I can add this to my growing list of part-time, income-generating gigs. (Yes, July is rapidly passing and I don’t have a lead on a teaching job for this fall yet, but that’s a topic for another time and another anxiety attack).

In the meanwhile, enjoy the new site, and don’t forget to click any ad-links that interest you every now and then! We’ve earned a whopping $3.33 from blog ads since we added them a few weeks ago. Think about all of the milliseconds of school tuition that will buy!

Nuggets of wisdom from Alli

July 17th, 2007 § 0

Things I have learned from my child this week:

1. Milk is very healthy to drink except when you have a headache.
Still pondering where she got this one from, but she’s quite insistent about it…

2. You can’t become a superhero. You have to be born one. Even though superheros aren’t real.
This begot the question of whether the Mommy was born allergic to bee stings (I was not), and deep questioning about how I could have become allergic. Apparently being allergic to bees is my superpower. Cool.

Phrase of the day

July 15th, 2007 § 6

“Alli, you just can’t tape things onto the cats.”

Show business

July 14th, 2007 § 0

Yet another of the occasionally inane wonderful shows that we are tortured by and charged an arm and a leg for a ticket to blessed to be presented with

Fortunately this particular show didn’t involve 20 minutes of crawling and meowing on the floor. Additionally we were entertained by 5 hilarious minutes of watching Alli try to hold the microphone while playing the guitar with two hands.

[pictobrowser 61913041@N00 72157600822291605]

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Bad words

July 11th, 2007 § 1

Not sure what precipitated this, but Alli & I have had several conversations this week about “bad words”. I believe a friend in her dance camp told her that using bad words makes God cry (I am going to bite my tongue and hold my comment on that one, at least for now). At any rate, it stirred up a lot of thinking in that little head, and some wonderful ongoing conversations about beliefs, religion, tolerance, kindness and personal choices.

Today’s unsolicited commentary:

“Mommy, do you want to know what bad words I know?”

Um… ok.

“I think I know 3.”

Um… ok.

“One starts with an ‘f’, one starts with an ‘h’, and one starts with ‘sh’.”

Such a proud parenting moment.

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