Teeball season ends tomorrow

June 29th, 2007 § 0


Ah, summer…

June 27th, 2007 § 0

For the first few days of being out of school, every time there was a 2-minute lull in activities, Alli presented me with a long, whiny version of “I’m booooooooorrrrrreeeed, Mommmmm-mmmmmy”. To combat this, retain what little non-grey hair I have left, and to give her practice with counting skills, I implemented a 25 cent fee for each use of the phrase. For the most part, it’s worked very well, as Alli is quite attached to her bankload, and when she has had to pay, she’s enjoyed counting out 25 cents in new combinations of coinage. Win-win.

Never one to pass up a winning opportunity, I’ve since added some other charges. 5 cents for an eye roll, 10 cents for the “Mommmm-mmmy” whine, and 15 cents for “No Fair!”. She’d gotten so into our little game that she was trying to encourage me to add a few more phrases.

The first sign that I’m now on the losing end came following a morning when the discovery of munchkin graffiti all over the bathroom walls resulted in a “no computer today” consequence. Alli disappeared for a bit, then returned and presented me with 25 cents, smiling devilishly. She then proceeded with a planned protest against her consequence that began with the whine, “Mommm-mmmmy, it’s no fair!”

Apparently I now take pre-pay.

I guess I should be impressed that she totaled the correct change.

Motley Crew

June 25th, 2007 § 0

Can you believe I wrote that much?

June 22nd, 2007 § 0

Today is the last day of Safety Town. In addition to a lead teacher, this program is staffed by teen volunteers who function as counselors for groups of 2-3 campers. Alli’s counselor is a blonde teen named Katie. Alli prefers to call her “Kathryn” because it makes her sound like the princess that Alli worships her as.

For her last day, Alli made Katie a card.

On the cover, she drew a picture of herself and Katie:

Then she wrote a dissertation:

Inventive spelling translation: I will miss you so much when camp is over. I am glad I chose you for my counselor, because you’re so so nice and I know you tried your best you can do. And I will miss you. Maybe we can plan something with each other later in the summer, right? Like I can come over or you can come over, or we can meet each other somewhere. And I am serious! So we really can, can’t we? I mean it would be fun. Love you, bye!

And she ended with:


June 20th, 2007 § 1

Thanks to the generosity of some family & friends, I was able to make my first photography purchase in a long time, and have acquired my first macro lens (Canon, 60mm f/2.8 macro, for anyone interested). I snuck out to a park this morning during Alli’s camp time and took my first shots. Getting used to the depth of field and the heavier impact of movement and wind will take some time, but I’m happy with my first effort. More shots can be found here.

Sprinkler Dash

June 19th, 2007 § 0

Summer haircut

June 18th, 2007 § 0

AKA what happens when Mommy decides to embark upon a “little trim” before bedtime (the above photograph is about 3 inches later)…

Queen of the World

June 18th, 2007 § 0


June 17th, 2007 § 0

In little league, I pitched one inning.

It was mostly uneventful.

As expected, I was a little wild.

I nearly hit the first batter (ok, ok, I nearly hit all of them.) I walked a couple guys, gave up a base clearing double and threw in a few strikeouts for good measure

Today, about 25 years later, I pitched my second official inning of “organized” (or “chaotic” in the case of tee ball) baseball. It was the first day of coach pitch.

It was mostly uneventful.

As expected, I was a little wild.

I hit the our first player with a pitch (although, in my defense, it wasn’t like he didn’t deserve it…no 6 year old is gonna crowd the plate against me! I own the inside corner, baby!)…

The batter survived without permanent damage, I regained my composure, and I didn’t actually bean any other children. Not much explanation needed as to why I pulled myself for Coach Lee in inning two.

Our next game is Monday night.

Those kids better remember who owns the inside corner of the plate. Coach Andrew is gonna be back on the mound.

Safety Town

June 16th, 2007 § 0

Where am I?

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