RIP, Crazy Tooth 2

January 21st, 2008 § 0

It’s been a long year with you hanging on ever so intently despite the arrival of your replacement.  And an even longer last 2 months since the dental visit pronouncing your necessary demise.   After many, MANY munchkin anxiety attacks, and many MANY grey hairs sprouted on the Mommy’s head whilst trying to convince your munchkin landlord to let her take you on, you have finally been vanquished.

Whatever your beliefs about fairies and parenting, trust me that this warrants a letter from the tooth fairy (click on image for larger view):

tooth fairy

R.I.P., Crazy Teeth

May 30th, 2007 § 0

Happy to report Crazy Tooth #2 made its departure with far less fanfare and misery than its predecessor. It is officially M.I.A. in either Alli’s processed stomach contents or the confines of a mongolian barbecue restaurant.

Happy to share. 🙂

More Tooth Fairy Correspondence

April 17th, 2007 § 0

Found the following in a note tucked under Alli’s pillow (typed exactly as written, including punctuation!):

deer tofary,

notes are beter then mony but I love mony to but most of
all love you naw your name is city cas your name was tofary. I love
you! by by city. oh! wat! I jest fargat my frens tofary’z name is cathrin short for
city! naw it es by by for reel.

love Alli

Translation for the inventive-spelling-impaired:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Notes are better than money, but I love money too. But most of all, I love you. Now your name is “Kitty”, because your name was Tooth Fairy. I love you! Bye bye, Kitty. Oh, wait! I just forgot my friend’s Tooth Fairy’s name is Catherine, short for Kitty! Now it is bye bye for real.

Love, Alli

Crazy Tooth

April 13th, 2007 § 0

This post might be equally labeled “Crazy School Photography Disjointed Freaky Hand Pose”, but for us it will forever serve to memorialize the experience of CRAZY TOOTH. Or, since Crazy Tooth passed on (as documented by the recent Tooth Fairy correspondence), perhaps instead it will serve as the beginning marker for Crazy Tooth II: The Return (referring to the other front tooth, which has very sadly begun a similar journey). Click for a larger image and a closer look, if you dare. Crazy Tooth has also been known in our house as “Shark Tooth” (because the permanent tooth was growing in as if in a row underneath), but would be even better recognized as “The Thing that took 1,000 hours of our life and all of our sanity for the last 5 months” and “The Source of 1,000 screams of ‘Don’t even look at it or ask me to wiggle it or even talk about it anymore or tell me about going to the dentist because it will hurt or it will bleed and I WILL GO ALL MEDIEVAL ON YOUR ___“).

Alli’s reaction

April 10th, 2007 § 2

(to the note from the tooth fairy), shouted with gleaming expression:

“Oh my gosh! She answered ALL of my questions! And she is SOOO beautiful! And she’s a really great artist too!”

Tooth Fairy Response

April 10th, 2007 § 0

Yes, we know this will come back to bite us, but is it so wrong to allow a little girl’s dreams to be carried forward for just a little longer AND have some fun in the meanwhile? P.S. Many thanks to for the unconventional image.

Letter to the Tooth Fairy

April 9th, 2007 § 0

Nothing on Earth is as beautiful as the thoughts and questions that come from children. Case in point: a recent letter Alli wrote to the Tooth Fairy…

For those not versed in inventive spelling, here’s the “adult” translation:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Thank you for all the money last time! How do you know my name? Can you fly? How much money do you have? What is your name? What do you look like?

She added lines on the back for the Tooth Fairy to answer, and a spot for her to draw her self-portrait.

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