My Vacation/Road Trip

November 30th, 2009 § 0

Guest post by Alli

Hello All! I loved my vacation SO much! I just came back yesterday evening. When we started off, we only had to drive about three and a half hours from Evanston to Indianapolis. We stayed in a hotel for one night. I loved the hotel a whole lot.
Mommy and I went swimming there and had a fun time. I used rings, swam, and Mommy and I played games in the pool. Rings are medium size hoops that you throw in the water, wait for them to sink to the bottom, then go swim under water and bring them back up.

Then the next day we drove to Nashville (Tennessee). It took about four and a half hours to get there. We also stayed in a hotel for one night. Mommy and I also swam there too! There were a lot of cute little shops and interesting things in Nashville. Tennessee was probably my favorite state on the trip. I got mints and a souvenir coin from a shop.
When we were done in Tennessee we went to Atlanta. (Georgia). To Georgia, it took about four hours. We stayed there for two nights. Atlanta’s weather was not bad. Mommy, Daddy, and I stayed with my great aunt Joan and uncle Dan. We went to a Martin Luther King, Jr. museum, and we saw the house that he lived in. I got a souvenir coin and purse, and a t-shirt about non-violence. I also did some work there and received a junior ranger badge. I’m supposed to get a patch in the mail, because they were out of patches. On the second night two boys came over and played and ate dinner with us. Their names are Ryan and Riley.

Next we went to Boynton Beach, Florida. We stayed with my grandpa, (Dad’s dad) for 4 nights. It took us… TEN WHOLE HOURS TO GET THERE! I got to swim, drive a Mini actual wheel and brakes car, and play with my cousin Jake at Aunt Cathie’s parents house! We also went to a drive-through SAFARI where we saw a lot of animals including LIONS! The lions were in a cage so it wasn’t dangerous. I also got to feed a giraffe. We also went to the beach with aunt Cathy, uncle Jory and Jake. It was a lot of fun.

After four nights we went to the train station in Lorton Virginia! THE TRAIN WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! IT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP! It took us about three and a half hours to get to it. THE TRAIN RIDE WAS OVERNIGHT. IT WAS SO COMFORTABLE. I LOVED IT!

Then we went to D.C. to look around and BOY WAS THERE TRAFFIC! My dad even GOT LOST! My mom and I had to get soaking wet. The Lincoln memorial was pretty nice. It took about half an hour to get to D.C.

Next we drove to Richmond VA. I saw Jill, Carolyn, Tom, Judy, Jim, and Jill’s friend Ella. We stayed there for three nights. I had so much fun. We got to see some animals at a nature center (including a very cute owl) and we talked a lot and played a lot of games. Plus we had Thanksgiving dinner.

Then the most exciting…I VISITED MY FRIEND HARPER IN PENNSYLVANIA!!! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! (six hours to get there)
I don’t want to leave out two things… Coming home was nice. But a long drive. We listened to a Harry Potter audio book along the way home, and we’re still not done with it! I really like it! And second of all… I forgot to mention Kentucky. In Kentucky we went to a cave! I got some souvenirs too. We went on a boat in the cave! We also got to sift through crushed limestone to find gems. IT WAS FUN!

Thanks for reading.

Bird Rescue

October 20th, 2009 § 0

An update is coming, when I extract it from my head. In the meanwhile, a guest post from Alli’s blog:


Hello viewers! Sorry that I have been away for a while! As you can see in the title and picture, I, my mom and one of my homeschool friends rescued a bird! I think that you want to know the story, so here it goes. This is how it happened. Friday, October 16, 2009, I and my friend Noelle (the homeschool friend) came running out of the Skokie library, and then I noticed a little bird in the middle of the road. I had noticed that it was shivering and seemed as if it was sick. It couldn’t move. When my mom came out, Noelle and I were talking all about the bird. So my mom went into the library once again to go find the janitor. Then right when my mom got inside I noticed a car coming right in front of the bird, so then I jumped into the street and right beside the bird. The car moved around me so he didn’t hurt me. Then my mom came back out with the janitor and asked him for a towel. Noelle told my mom about what I had done for the poor bird. I don’t think my mom liked that I jumped in the road.

Soon the janitor came back with a towel and mommy then asked for a box, and the janitor went to get a box. My mom picked the bird up and out of the street and put it onto the bench. My mom was calling people like crazy to see if any took in birds! Finally the janitor came out with a box that had holes in it. We put the bird in the box and my mom had canceled a thing at 12:00 so that we could care for the bird. Then about 1 hour later, the bird choked up a berry. It took a while, but then it started to fly! Thanks, that is my blog entry for today! Thanks for reading the story! Bye.


Guest post: Ethical Planet visit

September 21st, 2009 § 0

By Alli:

On Wednesday, September 16th, 2009, Mommy and I rode our bikes to Ethical Planet, which is a Vegan and good for the earth store and I love it! I interviewed Fran the owner about businesses and stores. Here are some of the questions I asked and answers I got:

Ethical Planet

1.What is it like to own a store? Answer: It’s a lot of fun and work.

2.What is the hardest part of work? Answer: Getting everything done and ready is the hardest. Since she doesn’t have employees, she has to do things alone.

3.When you close how do you get permission to open somewhere else (or do you)? Answer: Look for stores for lease, and sign a contract then pay rent.

4.How do you open a store? Answer: Look at all available places you can. Then contact the owner or their managers and then look at the place inside, and negotiate about rent.

5.Where do you get the stuff for a store? Answer: You can buy from the company who make something or from someone else who also sells it. Some things you might also make yourself. You will need to markup. Markup means you buy something at one price, and then charge more than that when you sell it.

6.How do you figure out what to name a store? Answer: It’s kind of a personal thing, think about what you’re selling and use that sort of as a theme.

7.How do you pick what to sell? Answer: For her she wanted something healthful, Vegan and good for the planet. She also buys what she thinks people will like.

8.How do you budget your money so that you make more than you spend? Answer: There is a cost called overhead which includes costs like rent and electricity, which you have to pay even if you don’t sell anything. So you have to markup the things you sell enough to be able to pay overhead too.

9.How do you figure out a price where it’s enough for you but still have customers want to buy it? Answer: You decide what percent to markup what you sell. Usually the company who makes a product tests prices and then when they figure out a price to have it at then they suggest it. If anything is not selling still because of its price, then you might change it.

10.When you close and then open in a different place how do you choose where to go? Answer: Go where there is more audience, like more people who want what you sell.

Those are most of the questions and answers!

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