Moving Forward

June 7th, 2007 § 0

Tomorrow is Alli’s last day of Kindergarten.

Excerpted from Alli’s teachers via the last class newsletter:

It is with many wonderful memories that we say good-bye to Kindergarten C. We will miss each and every one of the children in our class.

Adam…with your bubbly willingness to try new things, your quiet wisdom, and your love for any and all art projects… Alli… with your blossoming expression, your spirited bounce in each happy step, and your creativity… Dylan… with your delight in all manipulatives, your skill at building elaborate structures in the block corner with your friends, and your ever present energy and enthusiasm… Ely… with your broad smile, your interest in those you care about, and your ability to enable others to feel comfortable… Emily…with your thoughtful gaze, love of literature and nature, and your boundless artistic expression… Fin… with your warm smile, quiet wisdom, and your intricately woven tales of adventure… Henry… with your joyous smile and twinkling eyes, and your enthusiasm for sports, making books and the dice game… Henry James… with your wealth of knowledge of things great and small, your love of music, and your boundless athletic abilities… Molly… with your many ideas that spark imaginative play in all corners of the classroom and playground, your love of literature and making books, and your subtle sense of humor… Ryan… with your eagerness to connect with your friends, your love of basketball, making books and math games… Simone… with your observant ways, your willingness to share your knowledge and experience, and your love of nature and artistic expression… Sophie… with your quiet grounded confidence, your warm smile, your thoughtful artwork, and your love of jump rope… Tess… with your willingness to share what you are thinking, your keen sense of humor and love of word play.

We truly are all friends in Kindergarten C… and the children really seem to understand what it means to be a friend. They know how to make new friends, and how to continue to enjoy old friends. They are ready to journey on… We will miss them!!!!!I feel very privileged to have shared this year with you and your families. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to grow as a teacher in the company of your beautiful children.

Have a wonderful summer!

Excerpted from our reply:

Thank you both for your kind and wonderful sentiments about the children and this year. Andrew and I continue to express our most sincere gratitude for Alli’s experience this year in your classroom. While I know some of the tears I’m shedding reflect the normal parental wistfulness associated with watching their child grow up too fast, some of them are also reflective of what an amazing year of blossoming that Alli has experienced. I have to admit a little trepidation about the culmination of something that has been so wonderful for her (how can another year top this?!). You have both done such an amazing job at “walking the talk” of child-directed, cooperative learning and emergent curriculum, and you both have incredible gifts in balancing nurture with an encouragement to take risks.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing yourselves with our child.


April 29th, 2007 § 2

have just finished
the last paper
for the last course
for my Masters in Education.

A moment of silence, everyone?

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